Personal Best Catches

Everyone has a different agenda or reason for fishing. For some it is a chance to simply get outside and enjoy the outdoors. For a lot of us, its because we want to catch our biggest and best fish. Beating our personal best and getting some bragging rights in the fishing community.

If you are a bass hunter or love fishing predators send us your personal best catch. Shoot us an email or DM so we can add it to our website. Send us the following info:
Weight: (Picture with scale showing weight)
Location:  (State or City doesn’t need to be exact body of water)
Pictures:   (Pictures you want to be featured)
Description (optional): Body of water, lure, etc


Instagram: bronzeback_ent
▪8.08lbs-25”-Largemouth- North Carolina
▪3.66lbs-18.5”- Smallmouth- Illinois
Reel Life Fishing-Evan
▪5.27lbs-22" Smallmouth-Wisconsin             
▪5lbs-20" Largemouth-Illinois