About Us

When I first moved to the Midwest, I discovered there was a lot of new species of fish that I have never fished or caught before. As an avid fisherman in a new area, I was determined to find the best ways to locate and catch these fish. However, when doing research, I found it very difficult to find information specific to what I was looking for. That is when I created Reel Life Fishing.

Reel Life Fishing is a Blog and eCommerce Platform designed to provide quality products along with discussing current trends and topics within the fishing industry. This website was developed to be an informative destination to help give you truthful insight on fishing products and content.

Here at Reel Life Fishing, you will find a collection of my thoughts, opinions, and products that I use on my fishing excursions throughout the year. I have created this Blog and eCommerce Platform to provide useful information on different species, fishing tips, and products that have brought me success on my fishing journeys.

The Reel Life Fishing Blog was established as a means to share honest and first-hand experiences on fishing locations, lures, weather conditions, and knowledge acquired throw my fishing experiences along with learning from anglers throughout the United States. Stationed in the Midwest, I fish all the seasons and travel to new locations to learn about different species and the best approaches to catching that fish. With the Reel Life Fishing blog, I concentrate on posting elaborate and meaningful content that I hope will bring you success to your fishing journey.

I want to personally thank you for visiting the Reel Life Fishing website. I hope you have a chance to check out our products and enjoy the content in our blog.