Tips for Fishing Hot Summer Days

Millions of Americans have been bracing themselves for the brutal heatwave that touched down throughout the United States. Heat indexes almost hitting all-time highs and heat warnings being issued for a lot areas. People are also being warned with engaging in outdoors activities. For a lot of us anglers, this does not mean much. Yes the extreme heat may be uncomfortable and makes us more susceptible to exhaustion and heat stroke but that wont stop us from fishing. Extreme heat conditions may make it harder to catch fish but it does not make it impossible. Here are some approaches that can help you land fish in the dog days of summer.
During hot summer months, getting up early is a must. In June, July, and August sunrise ranges from 5:15-5:40AM which can makes getting up this early suck. However, it is one of the most beneficial ways for catching fish. Normally the coolest points throughout the day are from 03:00-06:00AM. With fish being coldblooded, they will feed at the cooler parts of the day.
Low light levels is another benefit of starting early in the morning. Some species are sensitive to high light conditions and bright sun. With starting at dawn, fish will not be as guarded as when the sun is at its peak. This will allow you to fish different areas of the lake, river, and reservoir to find fish before they look for coverage from the sun.
Shaded Areas & Deeper Waters
A majority of fish become less active when temperatures get too hot. They become lazy and do not move around as much hunting for food. Fish head toward shaded areas and deeper waters when it’s hot. When it comes to fishing shaded areas look for docks, low-laying tree lines, heavy lilly pads, weeds, and big rock structures. If you are a largemouth or smallmouth bass angler, a lot of your success will come from fishing shaded areas. No matter what time of day. Since bass are slower at this of year, work the area more than just a few casts. If you are fishing rivers find log structures, shaded bridges, and points throughout the river with thick trees where most of the day is shaded. Fish will stay in those areas.
You can also find fish in deeper waters in lakes and reservoirs. Due to the water being cooler, a lot of fish will head to the deeps. Depending upon how hot the days are, fish will go to deeper waters but stay suspended about 10-15ft down. Once the days become cooler they will head into the shallows to feed.
Hot summers usually means heavy cabbage, grass, and weeds. However, this is where you can find a lot of fish in the cusp of summer. Go weedless and throw a Texas Rig. With being a popular method of fishing, this tactic definitely brings out the fish and works during hot summer days.
Finesse fishing is another approach if you are fishing rock structures and deeper waters. Since fish become slower moving in the heat, finesse fishing generally will get fish to strike. Picking the right color tube or senko can have you landing big fish. Since the fish will not be chasing crankbaits in the heat, taking the slower approach can bring success.
When heat indexes reach 100 degrees, this usually means that the wind is very slow or nonexistent. Calmer winds and still waters is an ideal time for throwing topwaters lures. Early morning fishing with a topwater can be your best bet. The cooler point of the day, calm currents, and water disruption can have you land some big fish. Also, the surface blow-up is pretty awesome. So if you do choose to make it outdoors in the extreme heat, use your time wisely.

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