Spring Musky Fishing

Spring Musky Fishing

Some anglers debate on which season is better for Musky fishing. Is it Spring or is it Fall? Based on feeding habits, Musky fishing in the Fall can have you catch more Muskies. Throwing big lures in the cold weather right up to winter. However, Spring Musky fishing can be one the of the best times to land these teethy monsters.

Spring Areas

Once the ice melts and the harsh winter temps start to go away, spring musky fishing becomes ideal. The small window of consistent 40 degree days is a great opportunity to land big spring muskies. Muskie’s usually naturalize to clear water habitats that consist of weeds, rocky areas, docks, and other structures. Muskies choose these areas so they can rest and hunt their prey. They will lie in wait for the perfect chance to surprise attack and catch their prey.

In early spring you can also be sure to find muskies lingering around deep shelves or drop-offs throughout lakes. If you are fishing rivers, you can find big muskies at the bottoms of dams. Down river from dams, muskies will lurk in slack pools and river bends to await their next meal. They will sit at the bottom of dams and in these slack tides as other fish get stuck there and it can be an easy meal for them.

Spring Lures

When most anglers go out for musky fishing, they tend to go for big lures. Strapping on a steel leader and throwing heavy baits. As this approach is perfect for the fall musky season, spring musky tend to go after smaller lures. The first and most effective lure I always bring musky fishing is a Mepps #5. The 3 colors that are affective are the green, gold, and yellow. A fast retrieve always works well with Mepps.

Jointed Crankbaits another spring time musky favorite Depending if you are going shallow or deep, a Rapala jointed crankbait is a spring go to. Whether it’s a jointed minnow or a shallow shad, many different colors work. Silver, peridot, and fire tiger would be a top 3 favorite.

Another great lure for catching fall muskies is a spoon. I usually throw a ¾ ounce spoon. The color of choice usually depends upon the day. On sunny days, a silver or gold spoons will work great. On cloudier days throwing a spoon with a orange, blue, or green fluorescent stripe can have you landing big muskies.

Catching muskies is not an easy task. With being such a hard fish to catch, trying new techniques and lures always has a benefit. Huge muskies are caught each year on different approaches and lures. As spring progresses, fish spring musky areas and choose the correct lure. You will land a muskellunge.

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