River Walleye Fishing

River Walleye Fishing

Walleye! One of the most sought-after fish in the Midwest and upper region. Also one of the best eating and tasting of freshwater fish you can catch (in my opinion). Walleye are known for their special site which allows them to see in murky water and at night. They are usually found in both rivers and lakes. Walleye feeding habits depend on a variety of different factors.

Bright Colors- Even though their eyesight is really good, water clarity plays a major role in landing these beautiful fish. With winter ice melting and spring rain in full affect, finding small windows of clear water can be challenging. Use bright and chartreuse color plastics, cranks, and jigs. Prior to spawning, Walleye become very aggressive when feeding. A big part of landing these fish is getting the right colors in front of them.


Speed- Walleye have a tendency to get into feeding mode prior to spawning. Try vertical jigging, slow rolling, and also fast retrieve. Finesse jigging with chartreuse colors has always been the way to catch walleye. However, sometimes working crankbaits, jerkbaits, and bladebaits fast along river pockets will have them come out of their holes When covering stretches along rivers, casting with a fast retrieve will allow you cover ground and save time. 

Dams & Slack Pools- Rivers can be really tough to fish at times. When trying to land River Walleyes your best bet is always dams. Some rivers are known to have an abundance of walleye but sometimes they are had to find and catch. If Walleyes are on your list to catch always try fishing dams. When fish flow over the dam, they tend to get stuck at the bottom. Walleye (and most other predators) stay around the bottom of dams to get the fish that flow over. Another key factor is finding deeper ledges throughout the stretch of rivers. This may be more difficult to location but once you these deep drop offs, you will most likely find Walleye.

Cover Ground- Whether its a well-known Walleye location or a spot you might be think is good, cover ground. When Walleye are getting ready to spawn they move up and down rivers to their spawning grounds. One day might be hot and the next day might be not. Try and work the stretch of the river and cover ground. Keep it moving!

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