Introduction- Reel Life Fishing

Have you ever found a fishing article that you were really excited about? The headline was catchy and it seemed to be exactly what you were looking for? All to find out the article was a generic explanation of stuff you already knew.

Well at the Reel Life Fishing Blog I aim to be to different. I created the Reel Life Fishing Blog to post detailed information on topics and material that I find help me catch fish or teach me something new. The research I conduct helps me understand and learn more about different species and how to better land these fish. I hope you find this Blog to be helpful and informative along your fishing journey.

As an avid fisherman, I continue to research and learn new things about fishing products, species, and unique subjects not really discussed on other fishing websites. I try to post interesting topics and materials that will have you talking about on your next fishing trip.

I also discuss controversial topics that most fisherman really don’t touch upon. For instance, when you see a post saying Catch and Release. Or you are fishing a lake or pond and there is a posted sign saying Catch, Photo, Release. As an angler, how does that make you feel? Do you have strong feelings of you keep what you catch? Or are you an advocate for releasing for the next person? Or are you in the middle and don’t really care?

Do you have strong feelings about other anglers that fish too close to you? Trying to over-fishing you in your spot? Or do you welcome anglers to fish in your area to better the odds? A lot of the topics I talk about are normal everyday occurrences while I’m out fishing. I try to create content that I experience on a lot of my fishing trips and is Reel Life.

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